PMC Tours were originally labelled Astra Tours, both being the brain-child of their founder: Chev. Paul M. Cassar of Victoria.


Paul M. Cassar is a librarian by profession, having acted as Gozo's librarian for a record period of forty-two years. He has also a long history of association with La Stella Band Club of Victoria. In fact, he was entrusted with the building of Gozo's first commercial theatre, namely Teatru Astra.


He started organising his tours initially in aid of La Stella Band Club and its Astra Theatre way back in 1954. As a modest beginning, he organised a trip to Sicily; travelling from Malta by boat. This eventually spurred him to organise other tours, practically to all European countries, as well as a couple to USA and the Holy Land.


He recalls that way back in 1973, he took charge of his largest tour, comprising 150 participants, on the occasion of La Stella Band's concerts in Piazza Navona at Rome, Piazza Signoria of Florence, and Venice's Piazza San Marco.


Equipped with this knowledge and experience, Mr. Cassar formed his own company namely PMC Tours, in 1993, standing for his own initials.


One of his greatest satisfactions is the fact that whoever joins his tours, is likely to remain a regular patron. PMC Tours are known for offering a good service, based on good and central hotels. Their tours are led by experienced tour leaders, ready to share with the participants a good knowledge of the places being visited.










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